Agony as Police Shoots Wife before Shooting Self

Agony as Police Shoots Wife before Shooting Self

Police Constable Cornelius Talam on Monday evening 5th October shot his wife Eunice Wambui before killing himself in their house at Piave, Njoro sub-county after engaging in a quarrel.

 According to the Nakuru Police commander Hassan Barua, the late was assigned a G3 gun for an operational duty but instead used the gun to kill his wife and himself.

‘This is a patrol base and it does not have an armory. The officer had been assigned the gun for operation but he unfortunately used it to kill his wife and himself.’ Barua said. Barua said Cornelius was expected to present an exhibit on Tuesday morning but didn’t show up only for his body to be discovered lying lifeless in a pool of blood later.

Sources from close neighbors have it that the two quarreled in the afternoon but they couldn’t suspect any danger in their arguments terming it as normal couple arguments. ‘At around 4pm I heard suspicious sound coming from the house.’ They were however reluctant and couldn’t relate the sound with their arguments.

The police recovered 14bullets and a G3 gun from the house.

By Akivaga Sally