Education Cabinet Secretary Launches the National Curriculum

Education Cabinet Secretary Launches the National Curriculum

The curriculum policy which was signed by the former Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed has today been launched by the sitting CS Professor George Magoha. Prof. Magoha has said that it is important to implement the best competence curriculum as it has the majority support and no one will stop him from exercising the new national curriculum.

In his speech during the launch of the national curriculum at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), he said that teachers have been trained to facilitate the required education. He therefore warned Kenyans who are spreading propaganda about the new curriculum to stop before they are known. The CS argued out that Kenya is lagging behind because most Kenyans fail to support new government policies and urged all Kenyans to have an upper hand in the implementation of the new curriculum and focus on issues that are measurable in order to take Kenya to the next step.

Prof. Magoha promised to go to the field to oversee the curriculum being well implemented and note critical areas that will require to be reviewed. He urged all the senior members in the education sector to follow his footsteps to see the new curriculum a success.

By Stellah Wanyama