Father, Son Imprisoned for Life over US Embassy and Paradise Hotel Attacks

Father, Son Imprisoned for Life over US Embassy and Paradise Hotel Attacks

A man and his son were yesterday sentenced to life in prison after the court found them guilty of aiding the escape of the main terrorist in the 1998 US embassy bombing in Nairobi.

Mahfudh Ashur Hemed, 59, and his son, Ibrahim Manfudh Ashur, were also found guilty of being accessories to the murder of 219 people in the embassy attack.

Making the ruling, Chief Magistrate Eric Makori stated that the two had been hosting Abdullah and later helped him to escape when they realized that he was being sought by police.

Fazul had also played a major role in the bombing of the Paradise Hotel in 2002, where he is said to have been in direct contact with the suicide bomber at the Israeli owned hotel.

During the Paradise Hotel attack, some other terrorists also attempted to shoot down an Israeli plane.

The Director of Public Prosecutions asked the court to sentence the two to maximum life sentence, so as to set an example for the very many people who have been sympathizing with terror suspects in the country.

The state counsel, Daniel Wangila also stated that the two should act as an example saying that their relationship with Abdullah facilitated the loss of innocent lives.

Lutfiya Abubakar Bashir who is Hemed’s wife was also to be charged yesterday but she died in 2011.

According to the police and FBI reports, Abdullah was killed in Somalia in 2011.

By Peter Gitutu