Four Chinese Arrested, Elephant Tusks Found

Four Chinese Arrested, Elephant Tusks Found


Four Chinese nationals were arrested on Tuesday morning after police carried out a raid at their residence in Nairobi’s Kilimani Estate. The raid led to police recovering elephant tusks, leopard skins among other contraband goods.

The police also recovered meat which is suspected to be from dogs. The meat is said to have produced the bad smell from the house, thus making the neighbours suspicious.

 The neighbours thus called the police who carried out the raid and recovered the goods.

Inside the house were also ornaments made from wildlife, thus making it evident that their business had taken some time before being caught up with.

This is among the many raids that have led to the arrests of the people involved in illegal possession of wildlife products in the country. This has led to strict measures being put in place to curb poaching in the country, that largely depends on wildlife for government revenue.

By Peter Gitutu