Four Christians Killed in Church in Burkina Faso

Four Christians Killed in Church in Burkina Faso

Four Catholic faithful have been killed and a statue of Mary destroyed on Tuesday in the Northern region of Burkina Faso, being the third attack on Christians in the country in the past two weeks.

 President of the Episcopal Conference of Burkina Faso, Paul Ouedraogo, who did not give any further details on the attack stated a rise in Jihadist insurgency.  

Mr Ouedraogo said that a priest had been attacked and shot in the leg on Monday but survived and is undergoing treatment.

The violence and attacks have threatened the peace and amicable relations between the Christians and Muslims in Burkina Faso. Christians make up a quarter of the nation’s population. The attackers opened fire and killed a Protestant pastor and five congregants in northern Burkina Faso on the first April attack.

Mr Ouedraogo said that the frequent attacks are threatening peace and are a symptom of an underlying problem in the region.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks.

By Kariuki Emmanuel