Grade Three Pupils Will Not Sit For Exams, KNEC Boss Says

Grade Three Pupils Will Not Sit For Exams, KNEC Boss Says

The Kenya National Examinations Council has clarified that it will not administer an examination but an assessment will be administered to Grade 3 learners in September. Nancy Karogo, the Chief Executive Officer of KNEC has put to rest the worries of most teachers and parents who were concerned about the administration of assessment and the content. She clarified that September Kenya Early Years Assessment (Keya) is not an examination.

Karogo said that the assessment will be carried in all schools across the country and is just one of the tools used to assess competencies of the early learners. She also clarified that teachers and curriculum support officers (CSOs) will administer the assessment and pupils will not be given a time frame to finish their assignment. The CSOs will coordinate with head teachers in their respective zones to administer the assessment in September using the assessment tool they already have and then score the learning outcomes as guided by the assessment tool.

The introduction of the Competence Based Curriculum CBC in 2016 caused KNEC to develop a Competence Based Assessment Framework (CBAF). Karogo said the framework will help to improve learning and instruction, facilitate the identification and nurturing of every learner’s potential and selection of pathways and tracks in senior secondary school.

By Stellah Wanyama