Kenyans Angered by Awori’s Appointment

Kenyans Angered by Awori’s Appointment

Kenyans have expressed their dissatisfaction over the appointment of the former Vice President, Moody Awori in the seven-member oversight board to manage the Sports, Art and Social Development Fund. The news sparked outcry all over the country and in the social media as Kenyans reacted to the move.

A report on the Kenya Gazette on Tuesday 5th December indicated that Awori among six others would be in charge of the board and would prepare and submit quarterly reports as well as developing infrastructure and facilitating Team Kenya for their national assignment among other roles that lie within the docket.

Some Kenyans urged the former Vice President to turn down the appointment and continue enjoying his old age at home. Some Kenyans even tried to compare Awori and the former President Moi, saying that he should follow the example and just relax as he enjoys his retirement benefits.

Some Kenyans also expressed their dissatisfaction on hoe President Kenyatta has been appointing old people into leadership positions while many youths lie idle and jobless. They claim that the youths should be given the first priority since they are better and more energetic and can deliver better results compared to the aged that the president has been appointing.

It was also evident that many Kenyans question the suitability of Awori in the docket, as many kept questioning his experience in sports. They kept on insisting that the dreams of many Kenyan youth are slowly fading away as the political rejects are slowly having their way back to the leadership positions through presidential appointments.

The 91-year Moody Awori was the former President Kibaki’s first term Vice President after the death of Michael Kijana Wamalwa until when he lost his parliamentary seat in 2007 general elections.

By Peter Gitutu