KQ to Reduce Number of Direct Flights to New York

KQ to Reduce Number of Direct Flights to New York

Kenya Airways is aiming at reducing the number of flights from Kenya’s Capital, Nairobi to New York in the United States of America. Through a statement released to media houses, Kenya Airways managing director, Sebastian Mikosz said that the number of flights would be reduced by five. This will be done in January next year.

According to Mikosz, the number of people travelling to New York has gone down compared to when the direct flights were first introduced.

He however added that it is not compulsory for the planes travelling to New York to be full capacity. He however, said that any plane that is to travel to the United States must have at least 65 percent of the seats occupied.

The same had happened in mid November when the number of people booking flights went down with many citing winter as the main cause.

Kenya Airways has also suspended the launch of direct flights from Nairobi to Mogadishu indefinitely. Mikosz released a statement stating that the flights have been suspended indefinitely.

“There is delay in KQ getting the additional operational requirement and the launch has been postponed until further notice,” said Mr Mikosz.

This comes at a time when many Kenyans thought that the company had become more stable compared to the last several years.

By Peter Gitutu