Mwilu’s Lawyers Oppose Qureshi’s Appointment

Mwilu’s Lawyers Oppose Qureshi’s Appointment

Lawyers representing the Deputy Chief Justice, Philomena Mwilu on Thursday oppsed the appointment of a foreign prosecutor, Khawar Qureshi. The British prosecutor was appointed was appointed by the Director of Public Prosecution to lead the proceedings of the charges facing the Deputy Chief Justice.

The Thursday hearing was mainly to determine whether the case against Mwilu. According to lawyer James Orengo, the Director of Public Prosecutions had not met the requirements of him arriving at the appointment of a foreign prosecutor in that case.

Orengo added that the director of Public Prosecutions had just written a letter which should not be the case. He added that the DPP should have added the evidence to support his decision to appoint a foreign prosecutor.

On the other hand, the prosecution lawyers questioned the jusrisdiction of the five-bench judge, in listening to such an application.

However, the Attorney General has defended the move, saying that Qureshi was legally appointed by the DPP. The defence lawyers maintain a stand that the Wednesday hearing should be in the absence of Qureshi.

By Peter Gitutu