No Jail term for Arunga

No Jail term for Arunga

Despite being convicted of being an accessory after revealing the truth about her son Sinclair’s death, the former TV personality Esther Arunga will not face a jail term. Sources have it that after she was sentenced to ten-month jail imprisonment, she was later on released on parole.

During the hearings, the Brisbane Supreme Court had been told how Arunga misled police after her 3-year old son died in 2014 where she called emergency services claiming that her son had fallen off stairs however the court was also told how her husband Quincy Timberlake had grabbed a Bible and told the medics that there was ‘a devil’ in his son’s stomach.

Arunga was released on 18th Thursday on parole whereby she will serve a community sentence subject to conditions including appearing before the parole officer’s station in the number of days ordered by the court and getting consent from the parole officer on where to live and where to work.

By Sally Akivaga