Nurses’Strike Enters Day 2

Nurses’Strike Enters Day 2

The nurses’strike which started on 4th February entered its second day today. In Trans-nzoia, nurses demonstrated as they made their way to the social hall to present their complaints. They however, did not find anyone to present their grievances to since the offices were locked.

 They demanded proper leadership in their department claiming that their leaders have a tendency of employing relatives leaving behind the qualified people who have continuously kept applying but all in vain.

They stated that the bad leadership in the health department is the major cause of poor health servicesthus demanding a change of leaders.

Some of their other complaints were shortage of nurses andthe continued retention of the old nurses that has rendered the young energetic nurses jobless, high levels of corruption, lack of medicines, punitive transfer of nurses, tribalism and the management not following the set policies in health department.

They also accused the health department leadership of non-commitment to the nurses’ activities and the county health department of going against staff employment standards whereby there is a shortage number of nurses required in the whole county.

The nurses have no confidence in the county chief nurse and her deputies.

They also vowed to continue with their strike tomorrow adding that they must face the governor to present their concerns.

They also urged governor Khaemba to lay off the leaders in the health department with immediate effect.

The nurses have constantly been engaging the government demanding a better pay and improved working conditions.

By Peter Gitutu