Parliament Passes the 2018 NYS Bill

Parliament Passes the 2018 NYS Bill

Members of Parliament passed the 2018 NYS Bill that seeks to give priority to NYS graduates in the Military and other disciplined forces recruitments. The bill gives the graduates better chances of joining the military during recruitment exercises.

The bill also seeks to have a 12-member council that is tasked with overseeing the performance of the NYS Director General. It will also ensure that the service runs in conformity with the President’s Big Four Agenda and Vision 2030. The council will therefore be in charge of policy formulation for the NYS to ensure that the policies are in line with the Big Four agenda and Vision 2030.

According to the majority leader in the National Assembly Aden Duale, the bill will also help to reduce cases of corruption in the service. He said that this is because it will make reforms in the finance management and procurement thus curbing cases of corruption. He also added that through the council, those who have previously benefited from the two scandals will be held accountable and will be charged thus retuning all the money they stole.

Supporting the bill, Homa Bay women Representative Gladys Wanga said that the bill will change the way the service operates. She said that this will make the service to be better positioned to serve the Kenyan youth.

Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs Cabinet Secretary Margaret Kobia said passage of the bill will ensure that the people in charge of the service will be more accountable thus reducing cases of corruption. “Corruption has been rampant at the agency because only the principal secretary oversights the DG. That is why whenever there is a scandal; the principal secretary and the director-general have always been suspended. In the new structure, the ministry will have no role. The council will do the job,” Prof Kobia said.

However, the president has to sign it into law in order for it to start being functional.

By Peter Gitutu