Pwani University Student Stubbed By Ex-lover.

Pwani University Student Stubbed By Ex-lover.

Naomi Chepkemoi, a Pwani University student was stubbed on Sunday by a man alleged to be ex-lover. The attacker, who was identified as Henry Kipkoech a student at Kenyatta University, stabbed her severally in the neck, chest, and back.

Though the motive of the attack was not identified, it is alleged that the attacker had arrived at Naomi Chepkemoi’s place that morning armed with three knives and locked him and Naomi in the house.

Eugine Ochieng’, a neighbor and classmate to Naomi, claimed that Naomi had alerted him. Eugine decided to alert the other neighbors and the landlady who later convinced the attacker to open it.

It is then that Naomi was taken to Kilifi County Hospital. The attacker is in custody at Kilifi Police Station.

By Anene Jescar.