Thugs Shot Dead in Nairobi

Thugs Shot Dead in Nairobi

Three thugs were shot dead by police in Nairobi.Mr. Philip Ndolo who is the Nairobi regional Police Commander said that the armed gang was killed on Friday by the officers at Marui area in Kasarani Sub-county on Friday. The three were riding a motor-vehicle when the police officers flagged them down. The robbers are reported to declining to stop even after futile efforts of the police offer to stop them. The armed gang instead attacked the police officers firing several bullets at a police cruiser that was at the incident.

The regional police commander said that a Police officer, driver of the land cruiser got injured during the 9: 00 am incident that happened on Friday. The police attack led to a fire exchange and the officers responded by shooting back at the gangsters. The shots fired by the police are reported to have killed the gangsters on spot.

Mr. Ndolo reported that so far the police have recovered two AK 47 riffles, several rounds of ammunition and a stolen car. He further revealed that the stolen car the trio was riding in had been stolen from the owner. The bodies have been moved to city mortuary, while the vehicle has been towed to Kasarani police station.

By Akala Charity