Water Scarcity Hits Machakos despite Heavy Rains

Water Scarcity Hits Machakos despite Heavy Rains

For several days now residents in Machakos have been facing water scarcity. This has been going on despite the ongoing heavy down pour in various parts of the country that has led to floods causing destruction of property, displacement of people from their homes and death.

Due to this scarcity, Muslims from Machakos have asked the county government through the ministry of water to deal with the issue as soon as possible especially in Majengo area.

Led by their chair Sheikh Ali Abdulla, they said the problem has lasted for more than seven days leading to hiking cost of water in the region considering that the month of Ramadhan is approaching.

Sheikh Abdulla also urged the county government to collect garbage in Machakos town fearing the outbreak of diseases especially during this rainy season.

By Sifuma N. Lilian-sifumalilian@gmail.com