We Want Better Remuneration

We Want Better Remuneration

Members of County Assembly from the forty seven counties who attended the Third Devolution Legislative Summit turned it to a platform where they pushed for better remuneration for themselves.

The legislators praised the speakers who stood up on the need for equal treatment between the Members of County Assembly and Senate.

County Assembly Hall|Photo Courtesy

Among the demands pushed for by MCA’s are car grants, ward development funds and staffing of members of county assembly in order to serve the electorate. The MCA’s earn a gross salary of ksh.144, 375; committee sitting allowance for chairperson goes up to ksh.80, 000 and ksh.48, 000 for members. Apart from the above, they also get a monthly transport allowance of ksh.147, 375, annual medical cover of 3million for in patient and ksh.200, 000 for outpatient.

In addition they are rewarded 31%of their basic salary as retirement benefits, group life insurance that is three times the annual basic salary, car loan of up to 2million repayable with 3% interest, Mortgage benefits of 3million repayable with 3% interest and a monthly airtime of 5,000.

The Deputy President William Ruto who was also in attendance seconded the demands saying that it has come a time that all legislators should be treated equally.

By Sifuma N. Lilian-sifumalilian@gmail.com