West Pokot Farmers Urged to Embrace the Use Compost Manure

West Pokot Farmers Urged to Embrace the Use Compost Manure

A group of farmers (West Pokot  Permaculture Farmers Group) in West Pokot County have been advised to embrace the new system of using compost manure from animal waste in order to reduce the use of chemicals in their farm produce.

Speaking on Monday at Kapenguria during a function that brought together farmers from West Pokot, the Kenya Bio-diversity Coalition Officer, Ann Maina said that the industrial fertilizers add chemicals in the soil thereby affecting the consumers.

“We are very happy that at the end of the day the people of West Pokot have decided that they are going to form a group that is going to champion Permaculture issues…..And this group we hope it’s going to work with the county government and help the people in the county to champion and make West Pokot an organic zone that does not promote genetically modified foods or chemical intensive agriculture,” She said.

Nevertheless, the Rift Valley Coordinator Agnes Chebet, has advised farmers to instead use compost manure so as to avoid diseases accruing from the chemicals including cancer.

By Sifuma N. Lilian-sifumalilian@gmail.com