Woman In Hospital After Son’s Attack With Machete

Woman In Hospital After Son’s Attack With Machete

A woman in Muranga County is admitted in hospital after her son attacked her with a machete and severed her hand. The 65year old woman was rushed to the hospital by neighbours after her daughter in law saved her from the ordeal by screaming for help.

The doctors indicated Regina Wanjiku, the victim, could have bled out if it wasn’t for the neighbours’ efforts. This would not be the first time the suspect has caused distress in the village. In 2017, he burnt down his mother’s house leaving her homeless.

She indicated, while recuperating, that the attack commenced on 6am in the morning when he wanted to have maize flour. The son then attacked his mother with a machete when she was getting the flour in the kitchen. She claims the son was not under any influence of alcohol or drugs.

Mathioya OCPD Pauline Mwangi confirmed the story. The incident has continued the series of domestic violence others leading to death. It’s been barely a week when Yusuf Sieunda from Bungoma County attacked and killed four people including his two parents and neighours. Another domestic murder took place on May 14th in Ngondu village in Nakuru County where a man killed his pregnant wife and then stabbed himself to death.

By Francis Musakali-frankmusakali41@gmail.com