Woman Kills Husband in Bungoma County over 1,000

Woman Kills Husband in Bungoma County over 1,000

 A woman in Bungoma County was arrested for allegedly killing her husband following a fight over Ksh.1000. She spent the night at a police station in Bungoma County on Thursday. The woman explained that the husband Ronald Simiyu Wekesa, stole Ksh.1,000 from her last week and he had declined to return the money.

On Wednesday evening, the 53-year-old man was said to have returned home drunk, and the wife demanded the Ksh.1,000 accusing him of spending the money on alcohol. A fight ensued before the woman hit the man with a blunt object on the head and later cut off his leg with a panga.

Sources from one of the neighbors have it that, he heard a commotion in the house before the woman called him to see how she had punished her husband for wasting her money. He added that he thought the deceased had only been cut on the leg but when he moved closer, his head was lying on a pool of blood and he was also breathing heavily.

By Sylvia Nduta