Woman who Went Missing on Her Way to Hospital Found Dead

Woman who Went Missing on Her Way to Hospital Found Dead

The woman who went missing last week after hiring a taxi to take her to Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital was on Monday morning found dead. Mildred Odira who had been working at Nation Centre was found at City Mortuary nearly a week after her disappearance.

Speaking to the media at the mortuary, Odira’s family members lamented that she was killed despite her good personality and always worked hard to be in good term with everyone.

The body of Odira was badly mutilated with deep cuts on the head, the neck and the navel, a clear indication that she underwent a lot of pain before her death.

Her legs had also been crushed by something that seems like a vehicle overrunning them.

Ms Odira is said to have boarded a taxi from her house to the Hospital, where the guards claim they called a known taxi operator to ferry her.

The taxi is said to have arrived at the hospital some time later but overstayed at the facility, thus raising questions as to what the operator could be doing for more than an hour and a half.

According to records from the hospital’s management, Ms Odira was not registered that day at the hospital since her name does not appear anywhere among those who sought medication at the hospital.

The family had reported the matter to Kasarani Police Station and since then the taxi driver has been arrested but the police claim he has remained silent after being shown the CCTV footage.

The 29-year Odira had been under medication for Ulcers, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.

By Peter Gitutu