World cup fever on!

World cup fever on!

As Imani radio continues to bring you live world cup commentary, fans all over Africa have had their fair share of disappointment over the teams that have been granted the limelight to represent the continent in Russia.

Yesterday, Senegal defeated Poland in a controversial second goal to become the only African country to win a match in the tournament so far. In the three goal match, Senegal scored two after an inspirational outing by the Africans who continually barged the polish.

In another outing Salah and the pharaohs were humbled by the hosts of the competition Russia after a four goal thriller with the Africans loosing in a 3-1 defeat. Russia scored three goals in the first 16 minutes of the second half, with an own goal from the Egyptian captain Ahmed Fathi starting their nightmare.

Portugal will face Morocco Wednesday at 3 pm Kenyan time with Captain Cristaino Ronaldo expected to score. The real Madrid man powered Portugal to a 3-3 draw in their last encounter with Spain and is widely expected to add one or two to his tally. The match will be live on Imani radio.

By Francis