Youngest Legislator Arrested Over Incitement

Youngest Legislator Arrested Over Incitement

Igembe South Member of Parliament was on Monday afternoon arrested over incitement allegations. John Paul Mwirigi was was arrested for allegedly mobilizing probox and motorcycle operators to defy and rise against the ongoing crackdown of motorists who have not complied with the Michuki rules that took effect from November 12.

Mwirigi was then taken to Mikinduri police station which is located in Tigania East in Meru County. Tigania East Divisional Police Commander, Sammy Kosgei has confirmed the arrest.

Mwirigi is accused of inciting the motorists to block a busy road in protest of the ongoing crackdown all over the country. It is also alleged that he had also accompanied a group of people who had attempted to remove a police road block at Kiguchwa market along the busy Mikinduri-Maua road on Monday.

Mr Mwirigi is said to have escaped together with the group when the police manning the road block asked for enforcement after learning that they could be overpowered by the legislator’s side.

It is also alleged that he had also urged the non-compliant vehicles to return to the roads together with East African Legislative Assembly MP Mpuru Aburi. Aburi has also been spotted on several occasions opposing the crackdown where hehas also given police a seven-day ultimatum to stop the crackdown.

 The two legislators are among a group of legislators who are opposed to the move of denying probox operators to carry out transportation of passengers. They claim that they understand the reasons why the people from the region travel by probox , citing poverty as the main reason.\

Mwirigi is the youngest Member of Parliament in Kenya having won the 2017 elections at 23 years despite him spending less in the campaigns compared to his opponents.

By Peter Gitutu