Zimbabwe Opposition Leaders Call For Dialogue

Zimbabwe Opposition Leaders Call For Dialogue

Nelson Chamisa the Zimbabwean chief opposition leader has led a delegation of his team to seek dialogue worsening economic crisis witnessed in the country. Chamisa who lost in presintential election in July has accused President Mnagangwa Emmerson government of excessive borrowing of funds from foreign countries and lacking ideas to solve Zimbabwe economic problems.

            The opposition leaders however have called for a ‘National transitional authority’ body to deal with the economic problems facing the country.

                Chamisa said that the ‘National transitional authority’ is a ‘bottom up’ approach to which will involve citizens, churches and other stakeholders. He also said that the discussions will give an idea of the structure and nature of government.

             Many Zimbabweans hoped for a better Zimbabwe after Robert Mugabe was ousted. However nothing has changed since the people are still living in turmoil as hospitals run out of drugs and businesses closing down.

By Akivaga Sally