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Azimio leadership has now reiterated its unwavering support for its letter to the International Criminal Court (ICC), which called for an investigation into the actions of the police during opposition-led anti-government protests that resulted in fatalities and injuries. Speaking in the bustling city of Nairobi at the Kamukunji grounds, the opposition leaders expressed their unwavering commitment to resuming mass demonstrations, even as they engaged in bipartisan discussions.

During the address, the leaders strongly criticized the police for what they deemed as a grave infringement of the Constitution of Kenya during the recent anti-government protests. Azimio Leader Raila Odinga spearheaded the leaders’ stand in support of the letter to the International Criminal Court, which seeks to investigate the police’s conduct during the demonstrations.

The opposition coalition also made it clear that the countrywide anti-government protests would resume amidst the ongoing bipartisan talks. This statement comes as a sign of their unwavering determination to continue pressing the government for accountability and justice for those who were affected by the police’s heavy-handedness during the protests.

However, amidst the ongoing political wrangling, Azimio has issued a stern warning that it may boycott the bipartisan parliamentary discussions. This move comes after the party’s Eldas lawmaker Adan Keynan was placed on the controversial Kenya Kwanza list, which has been a source of contention among political circles in the country.

Despite the political turbulence, Azimio leadership has maintained its commitment to holding the government accountable for the deaths and injuries that occurred during the anti-government protests. The opposition coalition has remained steadfast in its mission to champion for the rights of Kenyan citizens and to ensure that justice is served.

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