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Students who did the Grade six national tests will know results in January.
The Kenya National Examinations Council Chief Executive David Njengere reported that the Kenya Primary Schools Examination Assessment learners will have their results following the directive that Junior Secondary be done in primary schools.
“Following President William Ruto’s directive that the Junior Secondary will be done in Primary Schools, and that KPSEA will not be used to place learners in secondary schools, but for monitoring their progress,” Njeng’ere said.
he also said that the commission will give the KPSEA results in three levels.
Njengere states, ‘We will prepare a report on individual learners for the assessment. There will be a school-specific report and there will also be a national report on school based assessment.
He said the national report will provide feedback to the education directors on areas that need more work.
It will be released to Kenya Institute Curriculum Development, Teachers Service Commission and the Ministry of Education and will continue with the roll out of the JS.
However ,he continues by saying there would be a school-specific report whose scope will be delivered to individual schools.
Njeng’ere also said that the results will be uploaded in school portals by January 16, 2023.
Dr Nancy Macharia Teachers Service Secretary Chief Executive, observes that the commission is developing guidelines that will be available in January.


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