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Migori County Assembly Speaker Boaz Okoth has been arrested by DCI officers alongside seven other officials after staging a night raid during which they reportedly carted away files and computers for the finance office.

The eight were booked at the Migori Police Station following the arrest on Wednesday. The Speaker is alleged to have broken into the office of the Assembly Chief Finance Officer and carted away files and computers on Tuesday night.

A junior officer at the Assembly said He broke into the office at around 3 am while in the company of seven others.

The finance officer got wind and alerted police officers that his office was being vandalized.

The source at the Assembly said by the time the officers arrived, Okoth had transported the files to his office and locked himself inside his chambers alongside his accomplices.

“They refused to open for the officers and slept inside the office until this morning when he opened and they got arrested,”

It is alleged that the Speaker had accused the finance officer of misappropriating Assembly funds.

Police officers arrested the Speaker and three others and also confiscated the files and the computers.

Migori County Police Commander Mark Wanjala confirmed that the Speaker was in custody for further interrogation.

“We have him, plus others,”

Edited By: Chepkosgei Jedidah

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