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Post by : Frank

The newly elected Member of Parliament in the Tongaren constituency John Murumba Chikati organized a meeting with the principal teachers in the constituency. The meeting held at Naitiri boys’ high school was set to discuss the strategies to ensure education funding continues at a time when the elected leaders are waiting to be sworn in to take over the leadership of the Tongaren constituency.

Speaking to reporters at Nitiri Boys’ High School following a meeting with the teachers, CHIKATI said that strategies have been put in place to ensure that all students receive education funding from the ward representative, Member of Parliament, and governor’s baskets and promised to ensure equity in money distribution to students.

Chikati  also advised all teachers not to send students home due to fees and promised to invest CDF and charity funds to fund education appropriately as soon as possible.

On the subject of projects, Chikati pledged not to abandon those initiatives begun by his predecessor Doctor Eseli Simu, a subject that several of the head teachers were interested in.


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