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In 2022 our Rhema word was ”  operating under open heavens” and true to God’s word, those who aligned themselves with the word of God came to testify that indeed through the year God Carried them and they operated under the full riches of God who fulfilled and satisfied their hearts desires as they keep serving Him.

In the beginning of 2022, Rev. Ptallah prophesied and prayed over the congregations upon being revealed the Rhema word from the book of Deuteronomy 28:12 that he convey to God’s people that those who would trust, obey and do His will, will have their heavens opened and will enjoy his bountiful blessings. Many of those who believed had these testimonies in exalting the name of the living God.

Imani Media Ministries:

Rev. Ptallah testifies that as he stood to minister to the people of God, he believed in his word and indeed, after 2 months of believing and trusting the Lord, Imani Radio & TV Ministries were licensed to operate 3 new frequencies to 3 others that were already in operation. And through the ministry, lives of many have been transformed.

Faith Church:

At the church, we have also witnessed growth in terms of congregation. God is bringing in more people to His vineyard. Also towards the end of the year God brought new members who have been blessed with Imani ministries for long and God has been faithful to them and as their thanks giving to God they renovated God’s sanctuary and we bless God for them and pray that the ministry keeps ministering to many more.

Operating Under Open Heavens

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