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A class 8 pipil allegedly impregnated by her school head teacher is currently admitted at a Kitui hospital, following a failed abortion attempt over the weekend.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said Tuesday, the class eight pupil is said to have “delivered a 5-month lifeless male fetus,” after being rushed to Mumoni Health Centre in Kitui county.

According to the victim’s mother, her daughter had complained of severe abdominal pains,  prompting her to rush the minor to hospital.

“After interrogation, the girl revealed that her school head teacher who was responsible for the pregnancy, had taken her to a private clinic in Ishiara, last Saturday, February 19, where she was given some tablets and asked to swallow,”

The agency said the 16-year-old victim suffered severe abdominal pains that led to her hospitalization. The directorate said its detectives had launched an operation to track down the head teacher and the clinical officer who conducted the abortion.

“Detectives have since launched a manhunt for the head teacher who has gone missing and the owner of the private clinic who conducted the botched abortion,”

Abortion has been witnessed in some parts, but often the cases go unreported since the practice is illegal.

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