By : Maria Otieno

Life had dealt me harsh blows. I was a single mother struggling to make ends meet, and despair was my constant companion. One day, a friend told me about Imani TV . The stories of triumph and faith they shared gave me a glimmer of hope. I heard an advertisement about a singles and widows conference that was upcoming and decided that I was going to attend. Through the single women conference , I learned a lot from the guest speakers from the advise and teachings I went to school to  acquired new skills and eventually started a small business. Today, I stand on my own feet, providing for my children, all because of the support and inspiration I received from Imani TV Ministries. I really thank  God for the experience I gained through the fellowship.

By : Timothy

My son had been diagnosed with a rare disease and the doctors had given up hope. We were devastated and didn’t know what to do.

A friend recommended that we attend a kesha event at Imani Radio and TV Ministries. We went and the pastor prayed over my son. To our amazement, my son started feeling better that very night. The next day, we took him to the hospital and the doctors were shocked at how much he had improved.

After a few more visits to Imani Radio and TV Ministries, my son was completely healed. We are forever grateful for the prayers and support we received.

By : Michael wanunda

I had been struggling with depression and anxiety for years. But through the teachings and community provided by Imani Radio and TV Ministries, I found a new sense of purpose and joy in my life. I learned to rely on my faith to overcome my struggles and find peace, and I am now living a life that is full of hope and promise.

By : Sarah

I had experienced significant trauma in my childhood that had left me feeling lost, angry, and hurt. For years, I struggled to make sense of what had happened to me and to find a way to move forward in my life.

One day, I stumbled across Imani Radio and TV Ministries, and I was struck by the messages of hope and healing that I heard. As I listened to the teachings and stories shared on the programs, I began to see that there was a way forward for me, and that I didn’t have to stay trapped in my pain and anger.

Through my involvement in faith-based activities, including attending church and listening to Imani Radio , I found a community of people who accepted me for who I was and who supported me as I worked through my struggles. I began to see that I wasn’t alone in my pain, and that there were others who had experienced similar things and who had found a way to heal and move forward.

Over time, I began to feel a sense of peace and forgiveness that I never thought was possible. I let go of my past hurts and began to see myself in a new light. Today, I am a different person than I was before, and I know that my faith and my involvement in faith-based activities, including Imani Radio and TV Ministries, played a crucial role in my transformation. I am grateful for the hope and healing that I have found, and I know that my journey is far from over. But I am no longer alone in my struggles, and I know that I can face whatever comes my way with strength and resilience.

By : Philis Khaimba

I really thank God for the far he has brought me through Imani radio and TV ministries. I am a
widow and a mother of three. The time my husband died through an accident, I felt like the
world had come to an end because I could not have the ability to provide for my family.
I am well educated but finding a job was very difficult. I therefore planned to abandon my
children then end my own life because I felt so hopeless. When I was just about to give up I
happened to have chanced to tune into Imani radio and around that time there was a sermon
about not losing hope shared. The first thought that came to me was to make contact with the
ministry so that when I ended my life I would be sure that my children would be in safe hands. I took the contacts shared for the prayers and called the ministry and told them about my plans to take away my life.
They prayed with me there and then and encouraged me and taught me of the promises of
God. Later on, the Ministry Director, Ptallah Butaki and Pr. Risper Butaki did a follow up and
came to visit me and continued to encourage me to stay strong in the Lord. They even sought
for a scholarship for my daughter’s secondary education fees and have continued to provide for shopping whenever schools open. I really thank God for this support.
I have since been able to attend Church within the ministry every Sunday and I am even serving in the praise and worship ministry. And while I serve, I have been able to grow my faith in Christ Jesus and encounter Him in mighty ways. All Glory to Him!
Also recently my son who had sat for his primary school education performed well but due to
the financial constrains I could not afford his high school education and we had opted for him to go back and repeat his primary education. When i presented the issue in church, Pr. Risper
Butaki prayed with me and encouraged me. Soon after prayer, God came through for us and my son secured a scholarship which not only caters for the tuition fees but also all his needs. I can only say there is God of 2nd chances and I only met Him through the good work that the Lord is doing in and through Imani Radio & TV ministries. Praise be to God!

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