Prayer Intercessory Testimonies

Delivered from Prison after prayers!
Peter came to our studios early this year with a wonderful testimony that encouraged us so much. During the visitation at Kitale Prisons last year when Faith Radio and team visited from the US in November, Peter was there waiting for the courts verdict concerning a case against him. The servants of God preached and prayed for the inmates that the Lord will meet them at the point of their needs.

Peter believed in his heart that the Lord will see him through his tribulation. In January, he was summoned by the Kitale law courts and his case was dismissed. Right now he is with his family in Kibomet estate in Kitale after going through tough times. We give God the glory because he will never forget you even if everybody else does!!

Healed by touching the Radio!
A lady by the name Mary came to our studios early May. She was bringing her son who was enrolled at St. Joseph’s Boys Kitale which is situated opposite the Imani Media Centre. She comes from Kisii in Nyanza Province. She did not know that Imani is close to St. Joseph’s because she had never been to Kitale. The moment she saw our sign post, she postponed all her errands and visited the center. She narrated to us on how the Lord healed her one day in the middle of the night. She was attacked by severe headache which she thought was going to burst her head. Her radio was on and the station that she was listening to went off air suddenly and she had to retune it. Surprisingly the moment she touched the tuner, she received our signal. It was on a Friday night and the overnight prayers were on. This caught her attention and she listened as Rev. Winnie of Calvary Celebration Centre was leading the overnight prayers and that was the hour she was giving out the studio numbers so that anybody with needs could text or call. Mary called quickly and she was prayed for. She received instant healing and we give God all the glory. The amazing thing is that after being healed she slept well until the following morning. Surprisingly, when she woke up, she was not able to receive our signals again!

I am empowered by God’s teaching
Thanks to the Lord for the seminar/teachings, our Church is still young having been in existence for only one year and through the teachings, I have been able to assist my husband who is the Pastor in sharing some of the responsibilities of the church by training others. Now my husband has ample time to be with the family unlike previously when he would leave very early and come back very late. Thanks for the teachings. We need more of such teachings.
Catherine Rotich, Calvary Church

God used me to share the good news
I am a teacher by profession and I thank God for the teachings through Imani Ministries, I am now able to support my Pastor through participating in teaching bible study group every Sunday morning, also in school, the seminar has enabled me to share God’s word with fellow teachers who have not given their lives to Christ and so far I thank God that one of the teachers gave his life to Christ and I am still praying for the other three who are not born again. Thanks to God for the Seminars and teachings through Imani Radio.
Alfred Pkaram, Lord is my Savior Ministry

I have been equipped
She thanked God for the teaching on leadership seminars; through the seminar her spiritual eyes were opened to realize that as a woman, she has the responsibility of participating in the local Church, before the seminar, she knew that women were not allowed to do anything in the church e.g. leading the service, preaching, but now she says she is fully involved in Church activities and she thanks the Lord for blessing His people.

Esther Theuri, Reformed Church Mt Elgon

Thank you for equipping the body of Christ
Much thanks to the Lord for the teachings and the teacher who presented the teachings very clearly to me. I am a refined teacher and in our church SDA, we are divided into groups according to ages and through the teachings, I have been empowered to be the leader of my group and the teaching has helped me in encouraging members of my group to participate in different roles of the church. Bring us more like teachings. It has helped me, my family, church and the community. Thanks to God for His servants.

Andrew Tendet, S.D.A Mt Elgon

Life style of my people transformed by the Word
Imani radio is just a Church that gives hope and inspires through its programs. I am so inspired, educated, informed and blessed. Since Imani radio started broadcasting here in Uganda, I have never missed tuning in. The Pokots are really changing their lifestyles after listening to Imani Radio. If you move around the villages and the market places here in Moroto – it’s just Imani Radio. I love Imani Radio.

Annet – Moroto, 0789-637763

God is still in the business of healing
My Dad had a strange disease that had made him suffer for long, his body would swell and the doctors could not identify the illness. He was always carried in and out of the house on a daily basis. I thank God that after the Pastor at Imani radio intervened when I sent a prayer request, my Dad’s health is restored again and completely healed! Praise be to God.

Silas – Tabagony, 0785-332972

My sister got a job through prayers
My sister has been looking for a job for a long time and one day I requested for her to be prayed for in Imani Radio through the evening prayer line session. After two weeks, our prayers were answered and she got the job of her dreams. God bless Imani Radio and may His name be praised.

Joseph – Katakwi, 0772-2435789

Delivered from nightmares
Praise God! I want to thank God for Imani Radio. It has been a blessing to my family and me. I had suffered from night mares for a long time and one day my husband suggested that I send a prayer request to Imani radio, which I did. After a while I realized that I could sleep like a baby free from the tormenting night mares. I praise the name of the living God.

Getrude – Kitgum, 0785-897645