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Peace Building And Conflict Resolution

Imani Radio works to promote peace and coexistence in our target areas. In the past, the programme has used bicycle races, peace football tournaments including support to communities’ intra and inters generational radio peace episodes as a means of enhancing cohesion and integration among the adversarial communities in Mount Elgon, Trans-Nzoia and West Pokot.

Imani intervention focuses on: highlighting interdependence, dispelling myths and rumors, engaging the communities in group and individual counseling through a community driven and accepted criteria to address bitterness and negative feelings so as to bring about healing of wounds, avoiding pain transfer to subsequent generations where emotions would fuel fighting, better management of emotional states allowing for preventative methods of conflict reduction, and a multi-pronged educational development approaches targeting young and old that transforms attitudes and builds tolerance of difference and a holistic socio-economic empowerment.

The Ex-militia Youth Displaying Bibles Donated By Imani Radio During The Training
Studying God’s Word During The Peace & Conflict Workshop
The Ex-militia Youth In Deep Repentance And Submission To Christ
Peace & Reconciliation Workshop In Progress
Bibles Donated By Imani Radio Being Distributed To The Ex-militia Youth

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