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Post by : Frank

Since independence, immediately the party leader like the president exits the seat, then the party ‘dies’. This is to mean it looses its popularity.

Kenya African National Union was formed as a result of merging  Kenya African Union a party formed by the late James Gichuru and Tom Mboya independence movement to be KANU in 1960.

For the 40 years that KANU ruled, it had majority of seats and majority of MPs and it was to no exception that songs like this were sung. After the exit of KANU, NARC come into power in 2002 and later on Party for National Unity PNU was formed. Led by President Mwai Kibaki, PNU was a vibrant, vigorous party. In 2013 and 2017, Jubilee come into power and after wrangles within, the Deputy party chairman William Ruto had to exit form UDA leaving Jubilee to Uhuru Kenyatta as the chairman and Jeremiah Kioni as the general secretary.

The year 2017, Jubilee had 172 of 349 member of National assembly seats, 34 of 67 senators and 25 of 47 governors. This year 2022, KANU under its chair Gideon Moi has only secured 2 seats that is one from Samburu by Naisula Lesuuda of Samburu and William Kamket of Tiaty. PNU and NARC Kenya have won no seat and Jubilee out of about 400 seats in 2017, currently it has secured about 12 seats of MPs, 2 women representatives and  only 1 governor in this new government.

UDA and ODM being led by President William Ruto and opposition leader Raila Odinga have secured majority of seats. The question that now remains is, will this party continue with their winning trends after their co-principals exit power? Only time will tell.


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