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Principal Secretaries shall take time following travel of President William Ruto to the United Kingdom. Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has mentioned that the appointment of Cabinet Secretaries and according to the deputy president Gachagua, the appointment process of the cabinet was already in process when President Ruto was invited for Queen Elizabeth II’s send off.

Gachagua urged Kenyans to remain patient and wait the announcement of the cabinet members roughly be finalized in two weeks since the vetting process is underway and the President would want to appoint both the CSs alongside the PSs. ,  noting that government is still functional as himself together with the President are holding forth.

“It is now when we wanted to sit down and form government then it became necessary for his to travel of the country when he comes back, I hear he has initiated the process of consultation,” said Gachagua.

“I don’t think the president wants to appoint the Cabinet Secretaries without the Principal Secretaries. I’m not sure of the time but I’d say like two weeks so Kenyans should be patient. In any case there is no vacuum. The President and his Deputy are working. We don’t have as much support as we would want but the two of us are keeping things going.”

“We are still working with officers from the previous administration but once we get a full team that believes in the bottom-up economic model that believes that we need to have less government in people’s lives and more services to the people of Kenya,” he noted.

Once President Ruto names his Cabinet nominees, they will be subjected to vetting by the National Assembly’s committee on appointments, which is yet to be established. Such nominees will be appointed and sworn in to take over from their predecessors only after approval by Parliament.

Principal Secretaries will go through a lengthy process that must commence with interviews by the PSC which will recommend a list of qualifying candidates to the President.

The President will pick nominees and transmit their names to Parliament which through departmental committees will vet them and should they approve them, then President Ruto can appoint and swear the PSs in.


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