Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has urged Trans Nzoia residents to rally behind their leaders and President William Ruto to unite the region.

Speaking on Sunday during a church service in Trans Nzoia County, Gachagua lauded Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya for agreeing to work with the ruling regime despite being a member of the opposition.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Gachagua in TransNzoia County

“That is leadership. That is being pragmatic because all the resources are in the government,” he said.

Gachagua said the opposition has nothing to offer the people of Trans Nzoia. He said no one wants to be part of the opposition that those who went to the opposition side tried and saw it was not successful.  He noted that Ruto defeated Raila in the last general elections despite the latter having State support.

Now that William Ruto is the President, is there a place Raila can go through to win in 2027?” Gachagua posed.

In January 2023 ahead of Ruto’s first visit to Trans Nzoia, Natembeya affirmed his commitment to working with the President to enhance development in the county. Speaking to a local radio station, Natembeya said he is only focused on developing the county hence the need to work with leaders across the political divide.

“I only have one agenda, and that’s developing my county and ensuring that the living standards of our people are upscaled. For that reason, I am ready to work hand in hand with the national government and other leaders. I want to see that we change the story of Trans Nzoia, for the better” he said.

Natembeya went on in March to say Raila had taught them to work with the national government.

Raila is the one who taught us how to cooperate with the national government, he knows that county finances are not enough,” he said.

The governor said that Western Kenya has been continuously labelled as an ‘opposition’ zone and therefore lacks state support. He said that Kisumu, unlike other counties is developed with major highways and a modern market.

When you visit Kisumu, it is a city, they have a highway, a port and a modern market, is that the work of Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o?” he posed.


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