Former president Uhuru Kenyatta is set to resign as the leader of Jubilee and the chairman of the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Council.

President Kenyatta used the party to vie for the presidency seat during the 2017 general elections but linked with others in the 2022 elections to form Azimio. Jubilee’s Director Kanini Kega, made the announcement that the former president will soon entrust the party’s leadership to someone else.

“I am sure he has planned for a date when he will be handing over the leadership mantle of the party to someone else so that we have a new leadership in our Jubilee Party as well as the Azimio coalition. He is a person who has earned honors in all our neighboring countries and we want to release him as a party,” said Mr. Kega.

Uhuru’s decision to resign and aim his engagement in the continent as a peace convoy and may have also been as a result of particular laws that needs a former president not to have any political office.

Section 6(1) of the Presidential Retirement Benefits Act requires a retired president to quit any political party, not more than six months after retiring from presidency.

 Kega further advised the former president to hand it over to a competent person.

“Even as he proceeds with his new tasks, we need him to give us someone who will spearhead this partly bravely, however, he should not leave us completely because we need him to continue being one of the elders that will be offering guidance to us in the party,” Mr. Kega stated.