Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. He came to this earth to die willing for our sins on the cross. That is right! He loved us that much! And there’s no better way to celebrate such grate love as celebrating it with other believers.

Fortunately this year’s Christmas fell on a Sunday. The church service was set to start at 8.30 am where guests started arriving at 8 am following the program of the day. The church commenced at 8.30am with praise and worship. After this the church was invited out to witness baptism of a few people who were undergoing baptism classes. What a lovely way to welcome messiah!

After the baptism, we received message from Rev. Dr. Ptallah Butaki. After the message was received by the congregation there was a few prayers held for the ones who were baptized and a few others who needed interceding and then The Lord’s table was offered to Christians which is  unifying act of worship, joy, and remembrance of our Savior’s unmatchable love.

Later the Sunday school kids had presentations and like any other celebrations Congregants were invited for a meal that they enjoyed before departing.