With the highs of holiday season in Kenya, on the 17th of December Imani Radio and TV ministries organized a youth rally with the aim of empowering the youth to serve God in their Generation(ACTS 13:36).

Hundreds of youths turned up for the event ready to receive from God. The event commenced early in the morning with the first speaker Rev. Risper Butaki who introduced the first topic which was being vessels of Honor. It was an amazing experience as the youths were guided on how to achieve that. It involved being separated from sin and fleeing youthful lusts and denying self-will and following the will of God.

The second session Madam Faith Akasa introduced a very interesting and important message about Mental Health. The youths were able to discuss the issues affecting them that hinder them from serving in this generation as well as providing solutions that are Godly.

After the second session we went for lunch and made time to prepare for the last session of the Rally. Right after lunch we had our last speaker of the day Bishop Njoroge who spoke about Characters of a Christian and how it is important to uphold it as it is how the world views us. Within the sermon the youth made an oath to break bad habits and build good habits. The youths were given the opportunity to write down the negative characters they had and then a powerful prayer session took over which saw over 14 youth giving their lives to Christ and others rededicating their lives after backsliding.

After the teachings the most exciting part of the Rally for the youth followed. A chance to showcase the different gifts and talents the youth have that they could use in serving God. A competition and presentations from different groups took place ranging from drama play, musicals from choir presentations, cover artists and rap artists. After the presentation the jury settled on teams to be awarded. We had five teams taking prices home. Youths from the host church won the play; all the ten participants were gifted new Swahili bible to help them grow in the word of God the team leader was also gifted solar Radio pre-tuned to Imani Radio so that they can always listen to our programs.

Other teams that won in the competition were: a choir of 8 who did so well and they each took home a bible and a radio, a rap artist who took home a bible and two other cover artists who got bibles.

This was indeed a beautiful day as many lives were transformed, well equipped and empowered to serve God.