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Post by : Frank

The Kenya National Farmers Federation In Kakamega County has raised concern about lowering the input and increasing output requesting both the national and County governments to increase the financial allocation to the ministry of agriculture in the county and peel off tax on seeds and fertilizer, in order to cope up hunger having faced
the country this year.

Led the Chairman of the Kenya Farmers Federation Union in Kakamega county Habakkuk Khamala. The farmers said the food shortage in the country is due to the expensive price of input that denies many farmers the opportunity to develop in agriculture.

Apart from assuring farmers a market for their crops, farmers’ leaders have emphasized the importance of the existence of solid-based structures in the Agricultural sector.

They have asked the interested parties to formulate strong techniques that will direct crop price development without oppressing the farmers.

The organization has given this speech in advance for incoming government to implement the demands of the farmers and address the country’s food shortage issue.

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