During a dramatic intrusion at Isebania Police Station in Migori County on Thursday evening, four individuals were fatally shot, according to reports.
As per the police report regarding the incident that occurred at approximately 6:30 pm, an unruly group arrived at the police station in a pickup truck, escorting the body of a man being transferred by the police from St. Akidiva Mindira Mabera Hospital mortuary.
Upon reaching the station, the assailants allegedly unleashed a barrage of machetes and stones that had been concealed in the pickup, proceeding to forcefully enter the premises.
“The windows of the station’s armory, OCS office, and other rooms were shattered with stones. They initiated the destruction of the cell gates, demanding the release of all detained individuals,” the report states.
In response to the situation, law enforcement officers resorted to using live ammunition after the group overpowered the report office and armory, with intentions to potentially liberate the incarcerated prisoners.
“Regrettably, this led to the demise of four unidentified assailants,” the police report further notes.
Authorities in Migori claim that the attack was premeditated, and three individuals have been implicated in connection with the incident. The suspects have been identified as Peter Hamisi Chacha, John Musa, and Nsato, also known as Manywele, who allegedly drove the pickup loaded with stones.
In an effort to disperse the defiant mob from the police station, tear gas was employed, and warning shots were fired at the assailants.
During the altercation, one police officer, who was guarding the armory, sustained injuries to the right eye and other parts of the body due to assault by the mob.
The bodies of the four suspects who were shot at the station were subsequently transported to St. Akidiva Mindira Mabera Hospital mortuary.

by Ian Kamsa