A few of the residents of Bungoma county have expressed their opinions about education, specifically in relation to the new Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) education system, while school activities resume after the 9th August general election. Speaking in Bungoma County, many have expressed dissatisfaction with the cost of the Education curriculum, claiming that it is very expensive.

The new CBC curriculum, in the opinion of some citizens, is boring due to the expensive cost of education as it relates to paying fees regularly while explaining the difficulty of travel when the students return back to school.

As residents of Bungoma County express their hope about the leadership of the Kenya Kwanza government to first throw away the CBC education system, the system of education appears to be tearing at their hearts.

Aggrey Murumba Namisi, the Secretary for Defending the Interests of Teachers, Questions Whether There Is a Wide Need for Participants and the Government to Highlight the New Education School System. He has requested collaboration from all parties involved in order to tackle the issue of this educational system.