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The body of a 21-year-old woman, a mother of one child, has been found inside a septic tank in Lutonyi Street on the outskirts of Kakamega. The body was allegedly throw down into the tank on Sunday.

According to the landlady of the house where Carolyne Shalyne was living, Beatrice Ambumuli started looking for her after she disappeared on Sunday, though all of her efforts to find her were unsuccessful.

Beatrice says she began to smell a stench coming from Carolyne’s house which traumatized her when she had to report Carolyne missing before police officers found her body in a cesspit.

She added her tenant had a boyfriend who visited her on Sunday before she disappeared and when she tried to reach her, he was the one that picked up carolyne’s phone and told her that it was the smell of the fish that they left in the house before they left.

This is the fifth body found dumped in different parts of Joyland Street. Now the residence are asking the police officers to investigate and arrest Carolyne’s boyfriend who is alleged to have been with her on Sunday before she disappeared.


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