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Residents of Kitale town have expressed their expressions, views and concerns concerning the new upcoming leadership of Trans Nzoia county under the leadership of the Governor elect George Natembeya. Speaking with Imani media Kenya, residents from section 6 in Kitale town said that they are hopeful that things are going to change.

“We are hopeful that Natembeya is going to do a lot of infrastructural development. Look at this roads, they are in critical conditions. Comparing Kitale with other towns as you can see, you will think that it is an abandoned town. We want Natembeya to heavily invest in this. At one time this town was far better than Eldoret and Kakamega, but just look its like there has been nothing at all.”

Another resident said for a long time they have been suffering as bodabodas due to lack of enough sheds and being overtaxed by the county government saying they are hopeful that Natembeya will help them.

“Sisi bodaboda Kitale tunaumia sana, hakuna mahali tunaeza jificha kama wanabodaboda haswa mvua ikinyesha. The former government was just concerned with collecting taxes and overtaxing us, we are paying for what is not there. We are tired and now we are so happy because we are pretty so sure that freedom is here at last and I congratulate all residents Trans Nzoia for electing Natembeya, he is the man to walk with.”

Some complained of high level of corruption and lamented that for a long time they have been denied a chance to have a place to do their work.

“ We used to work inside this railway field, unfortunately some people come and we were moved out mercilessly. Now we are working outside and beside the road. Please, Natembeya do something. There’s a lot of corruption, tribalism and nepotism in this town.”

Employment was also spoken at large. “Tunataka George akianza kuandika watu sisi vijana wa hapa Kitale, Kiminini, Cherenganyi, Saboti, Endebes na sehemu zote za kaunti hii wapewe nafasi za kwanza. Hii tabia ya kuandika watu job kutoka kaunti zingine si poa.”


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