Azimio La Umoja Secretary General Edwin Sifuna who is Nairobi Senator has said that no one in Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance is against President William Ruto.

Speaking on Tuesday, Sifuna said that Ruto is the president and wishing him failure will be at the cost of all Kenyans

“The most critical thing is that there is no one of us in Azimio who is keen on this president or this government failing because we are all in this plane together. If we are wishing the pilot to fail, it is all of you going down,” he said.

The secretary-general said elections are over and all they want is for the president’s administration to switch from campaigns and start working for the people.

He said that they made promises to Kenyans that were to be fulfilled within the first hundred days, which is almost halfway. “What we want to see is a mental transition from the current administration from that campaign rhetoric and posturing and stunts to delivery of service for the people of Kenya,” Sifuna said.

“People are having problems with the issue of the cost of living which is one of the things we wanted to be addressed urgently as Azimio, we want the president to provide a plan as members of parliament to help him deliver a lower cost of living.”Sifuna said.

The Nairobi senator added that the current government has focused more on retaliation and proving that they were right, and teaching lessons to their enemies.