Police are looking for gunmen who shot and killed a Rwanda national in a robbery incident in Kakuma, Turkana. Police said Eric Byringiro was shot in the chest as he rushed to rescue a woman who was being robbed outside a popular restaurant at the weekend.

About four gunmen had targeted a woman and grabbed her handbag which was believed to be carrying cash or valuables when she raised the alarm. This prompted Eric to dash for her help oblivious of the dangers he had put himself in, police said. It was then that the gunmen opened fire injuring him in the chest.

Police said he was rushed to the Kakuma Mission Hospital where he was pronounced dead while undergoing treatment.

Police said no arrest had been made over the shooting and that the gunmen escaped with an unknown amount of money.

A team that visited the scene said they recovered one spent cartridge of an AK47 rifle. Police spoke to the victim robbery as part of the probe into the attack. Police suspect the gunmen knew what their target was carrying at the time of the attack.

By Emodia Hallan