President William Ruto on Thursday speaking during the International Women’s Day celebration in Nairobi, broke his silence over the verdict by apex court last week allowing registration of LGBTQ .The president said that, he will not allow same sex marriage to take place under his reign, a point that was also shared by his deputy Rigathi Gachagua on the same meeting .They criticized the supreme court ruling on gay and lesbians, saying that Kenya is a religious nation.

President arguing that whereas he respects the court, he disagree with the ruling and this is a religious nation that forbid same sex marriage.

‘’I am a God fearing man. Even though we respect the court, our religion, tradition, law and customs do not allow for women to marry fellow women, nor for men to marry fellow men. I want to tell them that we have traditions, law and customs, we respect our constitution and all our religions. We shall not allow women to marry women, or men to marry men. That is not possible in our country,’’ the president said.

The Supreme Court upheld a high court judgement that the Non-Governmental Organizations Coordination Board ought to register an NGO that seeks to fight for the human rights of LGBTQ people, saying not doing so would amount to discrimination based on sexual orientation. It did not touch on the same sex.