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Education Principal Secretary Julius Jwan has confirmed that primary schools will join the secondary Schools for the midterm break set for November 19-November 23.

On Monday, the Ministry of Education announced the dates for a four-day break for secondary schools in the country following incidences of fire outbreaks across the country.

Jwan directed all Regional Directors of Education and all County Directors of Education in a circular released on Tuesday, to provide the information to all Principals of Secondary Schools within their areas of jurisdiction.

“As you are aware, the Ministry of Education issued school term dates vide Circular Ref No. MOE/CONF/G5 dated 3rd December 2020. It has been decided that the half term break will commence on Friday, 19th November 2021. The students will report back on Tuesday 23rd November 2021,”

Initially, the school calendar had excluded the mid-term break in the calendar provided to schools and students were to break for holidays on December 23.

A section of school heads had requested for a half term break to reduce pressure on students brought about by the crash academic program which was implemented in a bid to fill the gaps which had been brought about by school closures following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020.

The directive came at a time when schools across the country have witnessed increased incidences of fire outbreaks the latest being in Buru Buru Girls High School on Sunday.

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