The leader of opposition Raila Odinga is expected today to launch a multifaceted approach to his mass action plans against President William Ruto administration, including civil disobedience.

This follows yesterday’s lapse of the 14-day ultimatum the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition leader had issued to the president to expedite the opening of 2022 presidential election servers and address high cost of living.
In what was seen as a reaction to Raila threats,the government yesterday deployed security offices to areas around State House in Nairobi and Kisumu.
Yesterday in Nairobi State House gates, at least two officers were located to guard roadblocks erected in several routes, while another team was stationed at different places and some gates were unguarded to control traffic.
in Kisumu police cordoned off the road leading to the State Lodge. Jomo Kenyatta  highway was also blocked from the chaos hours yesterday, and motorists were forced to use alternative routes.
Raila Odinga has drawn an intricate plan to advance his resistance to to president Ruto’s administration, the measure that are expected to pile pressure on the government include to staging sit-ins or occupation of public offices and advancing the resistance in parliament using elected leader and continuation of nationwide rallies dubbed people barazas.
The Azimio rallies have to resume as from today with the high cost of living as the coalition main theme.