March 13 2023 is a deadline for former president, Uhuru Kenyatta to quit active politics lapses and his position as leader of Jubilee Party. In a fortnight President William Ruto’s willpower to take on his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta will be tested when the statutory deadline for the former head of state to quit active politics lapses.

Section 6 (1) of the Presidential Retirement Benefit Act states that a retired president shall not hold office in any political party for more than six months after leaving the presidency, which placed a March 13 deadline to quit the jubilee party leadership position.
The National treasury has allocated the former president sh.678.57 million for his pension and retirement perks for the to June, which he can access cease to hold any office in a political party, a sanction President Ruto’s camp has vowed to enforce in the new leader signaled on the day they assumed the office.
Kenyatta has maintained that he will not retire from active politics and is keen on holding his position as leader of Jubilee Party even at the cost of losing retirement perks.
”I am retired ,but I am not tired. I might be out of office, but I am fully behind Raila. If he tells me we go this way, we will go. I supported him in 2022,and I will back him because he is an honest man out to unite Kenya. I am not looking for any seat, but it is my right to back Raila,”  Kenyatta said during a recent rally in Luanda Vihiga County.
Will Ruto block Uhuru’s access to pension over politicking?