Youths from Trans Nzoia county who work under the governments kazi mtaani initiative have decided to preach and call all residents especially their fellow youths to remain peaceful during this election period.

Speaking with Imani media Kenya in Kitale town, the youths said they decided to use that opportunity to preach peace across the county.

“We are urging and calling upon every youth and every person to be peaceful and to desist from violence, hate or enemity.”

The youth also urged politicians from this county  to preach peace as they go on with their campaigns and popularizing their manifesto, urging the youths not to engage in any form of violence.

“Tunaomba viongozi wote wa kaunti hii kuwacha mambo ya kuchochea vijana msimu huu wa uchaguzi.”

As politicians continue to woe voters to vote for them during this election period, youths in Trans Nzoia have decided that peace is what they will preach, at the same time called well wishers to support them financially.